Curriculum - Health


At Meadow Springs Primaary School we have developed a whole school approach to Health Education. The school has focused on staff development and programs, resources and Health Education experiences for students. To assist in developing a whole school approach and implementing longer-term health and well-being initiatives MSPS joined the SDERA Chat ( Changing Health Acting Together) Program. The CHAT Program is aimed at achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes for the school community, by adapting to the diversity of school cultures and  enabling identification of community needs. CHAT assists in developing actions and implementing changes, ensuring they are relevant and grounded in the ethos of the school. In 2015 MSPS received the SDERA CHAT bronze award for meeting the first set of CHAT targets.

MSPS runs a successful virtue program which runs alongside the You Can Do It (YCDI) program and each fortnight a virtue award is presented at assembly for each class.

Students develop their knowledge about healthy eating, through class lesson and the schools participation in Crunch N Sip daily, The Great Vegie Crunch and Fruit and Veg September each year.

MSPS is a Sun Smart school and promotes and educates students on safety in the sun.


 One of the school main programs is SDERA which focuses on resilience, drug and road safety education strategies for young people. SDERA works with schools and the wider community to provide prevention education aimed at keeping young children safe. Each year level uses the age appropriate Challenges and Choices resource to guide their learning, ensuring programs are age appropriate.

You Can Do It!

At Meadow Springs Primary School. Meadow Springs Primary School has established the direct and effective involvement of You Can Do It! Education (YCDI) into our school curriculum and is providing a nurturing and empowering initiative across our school community. This is a school-home collaborative approach to promoting the social-emotional well-being and achievement of all children.

 Meadow Springs Primary School has successfully embedded YCDI’s mission to strengthen the five social and emotional skills and values (the “5 Keys”) which all children need to manage their own learning, behaviour and emotional well-being including: Confidence (work, social), Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience. Unique among educational programs, YCDI emphasises the importance of teaching children different “Ways of Thinking” that help them to develop in each of these five areas.