Curriculum - Sustainable Education

Meadow Springs Primary Schools’ Sustainable Garden

Kitchen and food gardens are an increasingly popular way for schools to promote environmental and sustainability learning and to connect students with healthy food and lifestyles. Meadow Springs Primary Schools’ are linking student learning outcomes with the various activities and seasonal cycles involved in managing a food garden and the preparation of fresh produce. Pull on your gardening gloves and prepare to get dirty! Together with Meadow Springs Education Support School students, Meadow Springs Primary School kids are digging their sustainable school garden. Vegetables of all kinds are planted, grown and eaten in an effort to find the best ways to grow our own food. This year a healthy crop of tomatoes, peas, lettuce, celery, carrots, broccoli, silver-beet and watermelon were successfully produced. Potatoes have been planted and will be ready in September!

 We have a shed, worm farms and an outdoor classroom with a new outdoor sink and bench being installed this year. With recycling of paper already in place in every classroom, the Eco-Heroes collect food scraps for the worms and the compost bins. No-Wrap Wednesdays is a hit and continues to bring in huge house token points, helping us to become a WASTE-WISE school. Each year Meadow Springs Primary participates in the Kids Teaching Kids Environmental Conference. They showcase their understanding and commitment to sustainable living by performing at the opening ceremony and participating in the workshops. Vegetable seedlings, seeds or fruit plant donations are always welcome as well as any gardening tools or equipment. Parents can help by Reducing the wrapping in their child’s lunch box, Recycling the newspapers and plastic containers and bringing them in for Arts, Craft and Technology lessons, and Reusing Zip-lock bags or other items to cut back on waste.