Uniform Store Opening Hours 2017

The uniform store will be open Tuesday 31st January from 8am - 11.30am and Wednesday 1st February 1.15pm - 3.30pm. Normal operating hoursafter these days.


Welcome to our school, where educational and social development go hand in hand. Meadow Springs Primary and Education Support Centre work together and involve staff and students from both schools working collaboratively.

Our School

Our school includes state-of-the-art technology in all classrooms, age-appropriate play areas for children from kindergarten through to year 6. A team of highly skilled staff provide balanced, comprehensive programs aimed at meeting students' individual needs in all 8 learning areas. In 2013 our school became an Independent Public School, which allows us to have more flexibility with staffing and resourcing allowing your child/ren to have the best possible educational opportunities. Our school has a strong working relationship with the community and very supportive P & C and School Board, making an inclusive culture across our school. We believe that we can best meet the needs of the students at Meadow Springs Primary and ESC when we work together. Many programs operate across both sites and involve staff and students from both schools working collaboratively.


School Board Nominations

Nominations for positions on our school board are now being sought. Positions are open to all parents and carers of students here at Meadow Springs. You do not need to be and educational expert to be on the school board. In fact we have plenty of those already! We would like people from all walks of life who are passionate about our school to nominate.

School boards across the state have a very wide range of members including; mums and dads, professionals, builders, labourers, retail, police, teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, electricians, plumbers, politicians etc. From time to time our board may seek a member or two with a specific knowledge base to advise on specific programs we would like to run in our school.  

Really, the only prerequisite is to be prepared to contribute skills, talents and time whatever that may be. 

Please consider nominating for our school board!

Nominations close Friday 19th May at 3pm.

Nomination Form